Real Estate Broker Marketing Tips For 2020


Congratulations to Pati deOliva with Coastal Select Properties as the lucky recipient and Grand prize winner of the Cape Fear Realtors “12 Business Coaching and Marketing” sessions. Pati is well on her way to realizing new opportunities in 2020.

I did want to share some of what we would be covering over the next few months and if you run a Real Estate Agency or are an individual Broker you will want to consider some of these suggestions for marketing in 2020. As you know, if you cannot be found online, prospective buyers and sellers will find your competitor.

Digital Marketing and Performance SEO has been used by large companies for several years, trying to reach page 1 on Google and other search engines. Companies with big budgets and savvy SEO agencies were in a position to dominate the search results, leaving smaller agencies and individual brokers with fewer leads and closings.

However, over the last year or two, Google have been working very hard to help smaller businesses show on page 1 of local search results through their Google Maps and Google My Business (GMB) listings. Here are 5 basic ideas for improving your online presence in 2020.

Create A Free Google My Business Listing (GMB)

 Without a doubt this is the most important online action you can take to promote your business and the best part is, it’s free. This is something that can be done yourself and if properly optimized will land you at the top of the results in a couple mile radius of your listing. If you want greater reach, say across town, then you will have to put more time and savvy into building location relevance all over town.

Create Video and Go Live

 It is easier said than done, I know. Search Engines love video and so do people. It is so much easier for people to hit play than spend time reading. Producing an explainer/intro video have that on your landing page will go a long way to boosting traffic and visitor retention. It gives you a proper introduction to prospective clients and shows your personality. If you want to really take things to the next level, try going live on Facebook and other social platforms. Maybe at your next open house.

Publish A Real Estate Newsletter

Not every person that visits your website is looking to buy straight away. Perhaps they are researching the area and simply checking current market prices. Many prospective buyers and sellers will review many Brokers online before choosing an agent to work with. Start today building your mailing list and send out a monthly newsletter that helps stay in touch with potential clients and keeps your name as a topic for word of mouth referrals.

Make sure that you have “Join Our Monthly Newsletter” button prominently accessible on every page and offer a compelling reason for people to subscribe.

Optimize Your Web Site for Search Engines

Search engine optimization is the procedure of changing websites web content and meta-information to improve search engine ranking of your pages. By designing your web site that is search engine friendly you can land at the top of search pages thereby increasing your chance of being found.

Publish Your Articles Online.

Publishing Blog-posts is a fantastic way to show off your know-how, help others understand your company as well as drive traffic to your website. When you create and publish blog articles, various other websites will promote them, expanding your reach on the internet. Most importantly, you are building a reputation of authority in your field, creating trust and growing word of mouth referrals.

SEO and Digital Marketing is not an easy proposition to those who have not tried it before. However, I know from experience that if you spent just a couple of hours on Youtube watching “how to” videos you would learn a lot and give yourself an edge over those who are not paying attention. If it is all too confusing, the good news is there are plenty of SEO companies willing to help, in which case make sure you choose local.

Frequently Asked SEO Questions

What plan do I need?

If you are just starting out with online ranking and digital marketing the best place to begin is with our Free 10 min Consultation. This is a no-pressure and no hard sell phone call that is designed to help you understand where you are and talk about where you want to be. To schedule a free call click here.

How long does it take for SEO to work?

You should see Google Maps ranking changes within a couple of weeks of starting a new campaign. Many factors go into ranking but mostly it will depend on the level of competition in your market niche and region. If you are in a high competition niche you will have already experienced difficulty ranking. That’s why you’re here, right?

I've tried SEO before and didn't get results.

LinkJuce is a local company that provides SEO services nationally. We are not an SEO mill, grinding out fluff and junk work only for you to be disappointed in 6 months. That is wasted time and lost opportunity for you. We are available by phone or in-person anytime to discuss your campaign. Sometimes we need to make adjustments but we always stand behind our work!

What about a guarantee?

There is no guarantee in SEO, just hard work and that’s what we do. Our experience tells us that if we follow our proven methodology of ranking GMB’s and websites, then you will be happy with the results. Our reputation is on the line but more importantly the success of your business. We take that very seriously, you have our word on that.

Can I upgrade to a more aggressive campaign?

Sure you can! Our campaigns have multiple layers so it is easy for us to upgrade to a more aggressive campaign without losing any work already completed. Just give us a call to talk about your new ideas.

What do you need to start a campaign?

If you have pre-purchase questions please click the button below to set up a Free Consultation. After that and once we receive payment for the SEO package you would like we provide an intake form to be filled out and then we start work on moving you to the top! Easy as that.


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